freedominfinity (freedominfinity) wrote in hetalia,

[RP] NightlifeTalia


During the day this town may seem boring, but when the night starts you wouldn't recognize it back. People go out after the sun sets. It's when their day starts.

The night holds many surprises. Whether you spend your time as a bar tender, hotel employee or stripper, interesting things are bound to happen on the job.

There are numerous bars, clubs and 24/7 convenience stores that are in need of employees to satisfy the needs of their costumers. So come on in and enjoy the Night~!

This RP has become a bit inactive as of late, mainly because of real life catching up with everyone. We would like to make it more active once again. There are still a lot of characters available. Including but definitely not limited to America, Prussia, Spain and France.

We would love to get more members, so if you're interested, you can reserve a character HERE. Besides the characters with a canon appearance, we also accept OCs.
A template of the application form can be found HERE. If you're having trouble coming up with a job for your character, you can also take a look at THIS.
Of course we also have some RULES. Read them before you apply.
If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to drop by in the chatbox or send the mods a message. The mods are England, Canada, Poland and Romano.
Tags: ad: roleplay

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