Sam Barker (chekovgun) wrote in hetalia,
Sam Barker

London Expo October 2010 Hetalia Fans!

Heya, I was wondering if any of you Hetalia fans will be at the London Expo October 29-31 2010? =D I'm really interested to see how many of us we'll manage this time! Plus I'm urgently looking for a photographer since I'm planning a number of cosplays and I'm really eager to get pics of them! If anyone can help with either of those please comment! <3

I'll be doing 7-Years War Prussia and American Revolution England both on Saturday! Along with probably Austria or Spain on Friday or Sunday (depending on my mood haha)

Or alternativly if your interested in doing some photographs together you can get me on my DA!:

Tags: =group: all nations, community: discussion, fan: cosplay

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