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[Fanfic] Падение (Downfall) 1/5

Title: Падение (Downfall) | FF.net
Characters: Russia and various others that will sprinkle in.
Rating: K+ (hinted violence, but nothing bad)
Warning: Human names used. Small situations of child abuse.
Summary: Russia was just a small thing that became something big. Growing up through pain, how did he see the rest of the world?

Hello! This is my brand new short story and follows the same thing as Tatemae. This time, we focus on Russia! I hope you enjoy!


Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Axis Powers Hetalia or World Series Hetalia. It is owned by Himaruya Hidekaz. The lines at the end between Lithuania and Russia are from Axis Powers Hetalia third volume.



Those were the first things he knew. Such a small thing. His named had changed so much that he hardly remembers ever being called Vladimir. But he remembered when he was Moscow. How could he forget?

He was there.

The man with the cold stares, cold hands, and even colder words. Words like "submit", "torture", "invasion", and "change". All brought pain. And if Vladimir resisted, he would bring out that device.

The yoke.

That same device that he had used to kill his mother, Kiev Rus. How he missed her warm hands.

Vladimir would cry and beg for anything but that pain, restriction surrounding his neck. He would only threaten Vladimir's sisters.

His innocent sisters.

Ukraine was the eldest and remembered Kiev Rus more than the others. She kept that sweetness and warmth in her with her smile and her gentle pats on Vladimir's head. She took him and his other sister out for picnics when the snow had melted. Her vast tracks of land made for beautiful afternoons.

But those days were gone. Now, Ukraine was nothing more than a distant memory of warm hands, a blanket, a scarf. And just like the memory of his mother Vladimir clung to his scarf; the remains of a fleeting warmth.

His other sister, Belarus, was much more like him than Ukraine. Ukraine was strong, able to stand and fight, whereas Vladimir and Belarus were tiny and scared, huddling close when Swedish, Danish, or Prussian invasions attacked them. They were together, rushing to hide and escape his yoke.

However, there were some times when he would catch all three. It was then that Ukraine would fall; crying as more and more of her gentleness was taken. Vladimir would rush to his sister's side, defying his words. He would hold him off while his sisters fled for their lives. Shaking from the snow and those eyes, he would watch his sister flee to safety.

Even if it meant more of that man holding him, grabbing his arms to hold him down, stuffing the yoke on his bloody neck, losing more land, he would do anything to protect them,

Protect anything that wasn't the Golden Horde.

Vladimir wasn't happy with his life, but ever since his parents were killed, it was all he came to know. He didn't know of any others like him. He could faintly recall an Asian man, but life revolved around his demands and threats, so the Asian was quickly forgotten. He knew that there were mean ones like Denmark, Prussia, and Sweden, but he had never seen them. He refused to think they were like him or his sisters.

It was a rare day and Vladimir managed to escape from his hold. He crept outside the village, watching some children play. He smiled to himself, wishing he could join, but he feared the fresh cuts on his neck, safely hidden under his scarf, would reopen. He didn't want the children to tease him again. They didn't know who he was and he didn't feel ready to tell anyone yet.

He had seen how others had abused his parents and knew that humans were unlike him and his sisters or even him. He envied humans, but didn't trust them. To Vladimir, they were fickle. He hated fickle. Fickle meant change. Change meant nothing stayed long enough for even a season to change.

But today as he watched, he noticed a boy with brown hair attending to a small dog. The boy looked different, felt different, was different. Vladimir cautiously approached the boy, the snow trailing behind him. He stopped when the puppy began to bark, jumping in front of his master to protect him. Vladimir was reminded of himself when he came for his sisters.

"H-Hello," Vladimir mumbled. He gave a tiny smile. His voice was always hoarse from his marred neck.

The boy looked startled. His green eyes stared at Vladimir, uncertain as to who, or rather, what Vladimir was. "Y-Your are…? What? You'll freeze if you stay there any longer."

"That little puppy is so cute," Vladimir ignored the boy's words. He couldn't freeze. He was ice itself.

The boy hastily tried to silence his barking dog. "Ah, I'm sorry. Usually it's really docile, but…" The boy then smiled as he realized this feeling; this shared connection to the Earth and the people on it. "Oh, could it be that you and I are the same?"

Vladimir was relieved and grateful the boy had brought up the subject first. He smiled and nodded. "Yup! We're the same!"

But they weren't the same. Vladimir felt a pooling sense of sadness. He buried his face into his scarf. It occurred to him that maybe this boy and him could be the same. They could be free, together. He smiled despite how sad he felt.

"Even though being under the Tartars' rule everyday is a bit difficult now, someday I'll become a big country."

The brunette was caught off guard. He gasped, his expression softening to that of pity. "I…I see…"

Vladimir then smiled, his face visible above his scarf. That boy who didn't even know him was sad for him, but also smiled for him. Da, maybe they could be free together.

"Then you'll become my friend!" Vladimir proclaimed.

The boy smiled again, this time much more warmly and friendly than before. "But…we could become friends by now…?"

Vladimir looked down at his hands. They were burned and scared from so much hard work the he had put him through. He frowned at how weak he was; how caged he was. "No, we can't! I still don't have enough strength. I'll work hard from now on."

Vladimir nodded in determination. He turned back to home, waving to the boy and ignoring the ominous hands of winter drawing him back into the frozen world he lived in. "See you!"

He would be free so he could see this boy again and be his friend. No matter the pain or sacrifices.

Hoshiko2's cents: Hello and welcome to my newest short series. This will be about Russia (Ivan). To say the name of this series it's pronounced: Pa-dyen-e-ye and means Downfall.
This is in the same time line as my other series The Darkness Within Me, but you don't need to read it to understand either story.
The time that I set this chapter is between the Vladimir-Suzdal and the Mongolian Invasion (Golden Horde), so between 1157 and the 1500s.
This one will be like Tatemae and will be 5 chapters long, only it won't deal with Russia's interaction with America, but rather with other people and how he views them.

It'll update every Thursday! Hope you enjoy it!


Tags: -russia, fan: fic

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