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[Event] Pre-Hetalia Day Central Alabama Meetup Updates!

Okay, I'd thought about updating the previous thread I'd made about this, but I figured that no one would get them, so I'm making a new thread. For those of you who are coming, I've determined the group meeting place, time, and such.

Location :
 The Riverchase Galleria Mall food court, probably one of the tables behind the escalators, near the McDonalds. (Our cosplays should be a dead giveaway if you can't find it.) Iggy and I will get there early, to reserve tables and make sure everyone has a seat.

I'm determining about eleven-ish, that way we can get tables before the lunchtime crowd comes in. (Iggy and I were there the Friday before last, and by noon/one o'clock the whole food court was crowded and we could barely find a seat for two people.) I'm sure Iggy and I will get there around ten-thirty, to reserve tables in the very least.

And a few things beforehand...remember, we WILL be in a mall with other people. Based on my past experiences with cosplay/Hetalia meetups in the mall, security and other people usually don't like us being there and hanging out in one area for too long. I know all of us are old enough to make good judgment and stuff, so I don't think I need to tell ya'll to behave, but I'm just letting you know here. I just don't want us all to get in trouble or anything, since I'm responsible for everything.

Also, this is not a cosplay-mandatory event. You can wear your cosplays if you like, but it's not necessary. I probably will be in casual America cosplay, and I'm not going to say you can't wear yours. Just as long as there are no huge props or anything that will get us in trouble. (Say, if you're Canada or China and want to carry along a stuffed bear/panda, that'll be...okay I think. Just as long as it's not toy guns or anything of the sort.)

And one more thing. I do need a headcount of everyone who is coming, just so I know if we need to push tables together to make room. So if you know for sure that you're coming, just comment! You guys know the drill by now, aye? XD

The purpose of this event is to help us all get to know each other better before Hetalia Day, and to decide which place would be good to hold it. I'm going to bring a notebook to write down all suggestions and ideas, so come prepared for a few hours of brainstorming, fun, and meeting up with other Hetalia fans! I'm so excited to meet all of you guys, you have no idea. So until Saturday, guys! :D
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