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6 Doujin-scan offers preview

(ps: Stockholm syndrome and lovesickxxx already got scanned by other people so i won't scan them! ...unless you want me to for some reason? 'w';)
Edit: oh Futousetsu got scanned already too 'w' one less i have to bend ´w`!

i was supposed to scan those ages ago OTL; anyway theres another batch of dj i can offer for scanning ;w; if they already got scanned/ You just about to sell them/ Want some as first priority scan please tell me here!
(otherwise i'll scan them bit by bit when i get around to it in any case)

Title: Day of rain
Author: Carameriser!
Page Volume: 32 pages
Rating: +18
Notes: Its a very pretty dj! ...and it has a slightly jealous Austria orz

Title: Geile Zeit
Author: elice
Page Volume: 24 pages
Rating +18
Notes: The coverart seriously doesn't do it justice. Also Austria has the tendency to get sick in every other fanstory...

Title: Strawberry Field
Author: WAGA
Page Volume: 32 pages
Rating: +18
Notes: Smoking aftermath Denmark. But it has cute childhoodstory/sketches in the back even if they collect raspberries instead of strawberries...

Title: tand
Author: Sugio K Arima
Page Volume: 56 pages
Rating: +18
Notes: Personally i think the artstyle is unique and beautiful but it might not be everybodys taste? I still recomend taking a look! :>

Title: Sennen Ookoku zen / Millennium Kingdom -The Past-
Author: Nikita
Page Volume: 66 pages
Rating: +18
Notes: I like this one a lot! They actually made a little indepth story! It is very cute and wellmade but also a bit sad and sometimes a bit violent. How does this all fit into one comic OTL;

Tags: -austria, -denmark, -germany, -sweden, x do not use this tag - doujin

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