Seta Ginny (ginnyseta) wrote in hetalia,
Seta Ginny

Everyone's A Little Bit Racist - Otakon exhibition skit!

As some of you may remember, back at Anime Next of this year, my group performed a skit to Avenue Q's Everyone's A Little Bit Racist. It went over well, and we were asked to perform it as an exhibition skit at Otakon, as part of Funimation's Hetalia promos. Thanks to the Otakon fire alarm and numerous miscommunications, pulling this together a second time was stressful and hectic, and I want to say how grateful I am to everyone involved for sticking it out. In the end, our second performance at Otakon was not perfect, but went well over all, and we also were able to swap Prussia out for Germany and Romano, which I think made it funnier. ACParadise also took a very high quality video of the skit, which you'll find under the cut!

Photo credit to Quadrain

Belarus - ginnyseta
America - madgophermm5
Ukraine - neoangelwink
France - suzaku_seishi
Canada - roserevolution
Romano - rammyz
Germany - vartan
North Italy - jamminbison
Japan - siefer_sama

Germany, America, France, and Japan's pants were made by madgophermm5, North Italy and Belarus were made by myself, Ukraine was made by neoangelwink, and that beautiful, beautiful maple leaf is all roserevolution ;-)

The first time around, a few people had asked for the audio. The audio version I have isn't the final version used, so some of the volume is off, please forgive that. I have also included some of our outtakes, most of which are of Cananda, voiced by my LJ-less friend Dan. They should be worth a chuckle or two ;-)
Skit Audio and Outtakes!

Please note that none of us are professioanal actors, singers, or seamstresses, this was all done for fun and lulz. Hope you enjoy!
Tags: fan: cosplay

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