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[Fanfiction] How To Have An Adventure (4/?) (How to train your dragon crossover)

Title: How To Have An Adventure (4/?)
Fandom: Hetalia/How To Train Your Dragon
Author: Dolthalion/Purplefluffychainsaw
Characters: Sealand, Finland/Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Iceland America, Canada, South Korea and England.
Rating: PG
Word count: 2524
Summary: As Peter turns thirteen, Tino and Berwald are anxious to find out what dragon he'll have... and what mischief he'll get up to with it.
AN: For this fic Regner = Denmark, Magnus = Iceland and Jakob = Norway. I used the names that my roleplaying group uses, sorry, and thanks to their players!

(Fake cut to my journal)

(Or fake cut to
Tags: -england, -finland, -latvia, -sealand, -sweden, fan: fic

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