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Some Volume 3 Profile Translations!

Well, these in particular are pages 18 and 21, Prussia, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Turkey, plus Belgium.

...These profiles amused me so much.

I will probably do proper scanlations once I finish them all, but I want to make sure I get all the mistakes fixed before I do, because having to re-open the psd file for just one mistake is a pain.

If you see any mistakes, please point them out ;u;

Oh, and which ones should I do next? There are North Italy, Germany, Japan, America, Canada, England, France, Russia, China, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Romano, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and Netherlands. I'll probably get to them all eventually, but it might take a while. So just tell me which ones you want to see first, and I will try to get them done.

These profiles have also inspired me to use more exclamation points!

The overbearing, ore-sama-natured older brother of Germany!
His manners when passing through are terrible!
But surprisingly, his true nature is the methodical, severe, serious older brother of Germany!
Now he lives as a good-for-nothing at Germany's house and as an exclave in Russia!

(I'm guessing you all know what ore-sama means, but in case you don't, it is a very rude, egotistical way to refer to yourself.)

Austria's neighbor!
A long time ago, she was part of an equestrian tribe, but since she has settled, she's become more gentle! (It seems to be implying it was like she was in a motorcycle gang, but I'm not entirely sure about that.)
Her friendship with Poland is great!

Germany's neighbor.
A surprisingly carefree and old-fashioned young master! ("Young master" being "bocchan", which you may know from various other anime, such as Kuroshitsuji.)
At one point in time he piled up marriages!
Likes music, coffee, and super-sweet chocolate!

A diligent, kind, meddlesome, and friendly older sister!
Although her features stand out, her clothes are simple and not very conspicuous!
Loves gourmet and tasty snacks!

A carefree, friendly, philosophical young man!
He speaks slowly and steadily, and continues for a very long time!
But when riding in cars he becomes a little bit faster!
He is liked by cats and loves cats himself!
Still fights with Turkey now!
Although slight advances have been made recently, they still fight!

A youthfully vigorous and hearty uncle!
Loves sweet things and rakı! (Rakı is a type of Turkish alcohol. Wikipedia)
Negotiations for entrance to the EU have continued for such a long time the painfulness is exploding!
I can still beat up Greece now!
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