awfullybad (awfullybad) wrote in hetalia,

[crackfic] Kawaii Frackin' Desu Ka

Title: Kawaii Frackin' Desu Ka
Characters: Allies, Japan and a random weeabo
Pairings: implied Russia/America
Genre: Crack
Warnings: Making fun of goths/emos/weeabos, China/Japan bickering, profanity, sexual themes and naked Canada
Summery: Canada goes goth, Russia gets a hard on for watching America eat, Japan and China get into a fight, Canada goes emo, France buys some panties, Japan gets harassed by a weeabo, China runs from some security gaurds, America is a real thug and something dramatic happens to England. Oh my!

(( Something about this creature made Japan want to stab her with his katana. To be more exact, something about this creature made Japan want to beat her to death with a slab of raw fish. Salted, of course.  ))
Tags: -america, -canada, -china, -england, -france, -japan, -lithuania, -poland, -russia, =group: allied forces, fan: fic

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