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[Fanart] The 'Ahhh, screw it!' Art Dump

Title: 'Ah, screw it! *throws*' Art Dump
Artist: Me, sillies.
Character(s): England, Russia, Scotland!OC, Animals of Hierarchy
Warnings: Edumacational facts and incomplete art. I can't draw humans, I'm trying, lol.
Summary: These are a bunch of things I don't have the energy/time/drive to commit to anymore, including a comic about Russia without it's original text. Enjoy it for what's it worth? OTL

Here: Have the clean version of the line art

The Lion and Unicorn have been symbols for England and Scotland, respectively, as far back as most people can remember that it's in the public conscience nowadays. Depicted here, would be the animals and countries in their 'proper' order as the English coat of arms would dictate them; the lion on the left, or the dexter supporter, who is the 'rightful bearer of arms', while the sinister, or the one of the right of the viewer simply means 'left' in Latin. However, the dexter is considered the honorable side.

The English version of this coat of arms takes the crown off the unicorn and puts it on the lion. The Scottish version places the crown back on the unicorn and on the dexter side. Ain't that passive-aggressive?

This picture is meant to depict the Battle of Flodden (September 15th, 1513), the largest battle ever fought between England and Scotland. It ended in an overwhelming English victory in which the king of Scotland at the time, James IV, was killed in battle. The powerful symbol of a lame unicorn, considered a dangerous beast in some mythology and not a sparkly happy pony as it is today, giving up the crown by force is a struggle that was seen for many centuries between the two 'brothers' of the British isle.

The image was inspired by the person whose made of sparkles and sunshine bb<3, who wrote a Scotland fic that you should read. Yep.

*cough* Note how much I gave up on this image, lol.

These are WIPs from a mini four panel comic that won't be completely because half of the line art is 500 miles away from my current location and because...they suck? Lol. ENJOY

The bear is the national symbol of Russia. The specific species is the Kamchatka Brown Bear, which, despite it's outstanding size at 1400+ pounds and 3 meters tall when standing, is actually considered one of the least violent bears on earth. They're most closely related to the Kodiak Bear of Alaska. They're also beautiful creatures and you should google them to sit in awe. Despite this, they help fuel Russia's hunting industry and are big ticket animals that boost the economy even with just one hunt cost, which can be around $10,000.

The More You Know

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