Akechi Mitsuhide, The Reaper (vin_faucon) wrote in hetalia,
Akechi Mitsuhide, The Reaper

[Event] Hetalia Day, South Carolina, USA

Hey folks, it's that time again!
I honestly meant to have this up sooner. But hey, better late than never, amirite?)

Once again, I'm happy to announce that zipchan , artikgato , and I (vin_faucon ) will be hosting

Hetalia Day 2010
Columbia, SC, USA

Open to all Hetalia Fans in SC and surrounding areas!
(including those closer to Columbia in NC and GA)

Date and Time: Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 2:00 PM - until
Location: West Columbia Riverwalk Park 
(meet at the Amphitheatre)
Rain Location TBA

Again, we're going with the same idea as last year! Another pot-luck style picnic. Bring food, blankets, music, games, what have you. I hope to see everyone from last year, as well as some new faces! Please contact me, Zip, or Arti if you have any questions!

Update 10-07-10

Hey guys, another update! I've just been informed that TOKYOPOP is looking for rough headcounts of those attending meetups in the US. This probably means they have a couple of surprises and goodies in store for us. So! If you're bringing any friends along, let me know, so I can get a rough total of people going.

So far I know of...
tenchuuyoukaithealmightykit  and a friend, Arti, Zip, Yugi, Yugi's sister, myself, sapphire_himetophfangirl , lolapandirsxaviorrabid4anime  which brings us to 13. If anyone else is coming, let me know!

And Wow, wtf LJ ate my coding.

Just a small update, I suppose. Nothing too major! We're still looking for a rain location, and if anyone in the Columbia area could keep a look out for a possible location, it'd be much appreciated! But the rain loaction will probably be announced closer to time, so we can get a better idea of the weather.

Also, I'm curious as to what everyone might be bringing both food and costume wise.
Tags: =group: all nations, fan: events

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