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[Fanart/Fancomic/Flash]Art dump (include animations/dress up)

Artist:  inunobaka
Characters:  England,China,hong kong,Taiwan, Liechtenstein,Iceland,America,Canada,Prussia,France,Germany
Couples: PrussiaxCanada
Rating: T (nudity, most important part hidden though <3)
: A /lot/ of pictures. Shounen-ai. Late/early easter pictures B|

Title: Prince of tea
Summary: Someone told me they liked their shared love for tea so... well. It reminded me of a manga I've read.

Title: Easter England
Summary: For Easter I drew chibis for people... Well, it was quite a long time ago but yeah ^^" -and yes it's not the right moment to post easter pictures, but well, do you really care? Why can't we be happy to see decorated eggs and rabbits all time of year?-

Title: Easter Hong Kong
Summary: Same as above~

Title: Easter Iceland
Summary: Same as above~

Title: Easter Taiwan
Summary: Same as above~

Title: Easter Liechtenstein
Summary: Same as above~

Title: Easter China
Summary: Same as above~

Title: Cow boy America
Summary: Just me having fun with screentones. Drew that for a friend.

Title: Ice Skating
Summary: Happened in a RP,Liechtenstein was down, Canada took her to the ice rink, where she needed a bit of help.

Title: Gilbirds' invasion
Summary: Also happened in a RP, there were 20 Gilbirds at the moment.

Title: guess who
Summary: Just wanted Canada to say "who?". And since I like Prucan~

Title: Fireflies
Summary: Drew it for a friend again. I used a pencil, watercolors, pastels and added a few effects digitally xP

Title:Prucan 1 (or the one with a really original title)
Summary: Just... Prucan.

Title:Union Jack
Summary: England, with just his flag.

Title:Prucan Glomping
Summary: Started as a doodle when I was bored, expended to... that.

Title:Prucan Caipirinha
Summary: An animation including Prussia and Canada dancing.

Caipririnha(if it doesn't work)
Title:Sasameki Koto's ending -Hetalia: Prucan Version-
Summary: A parody of Sasameki Koto(a shoujo-ai anime)'s ending, using Prussia and Canada as the main characters.

Sasameki Koto Prucan(if it doesn't work)
Title:Canada dress up game
Summary: A dress up game, featuring Canada. Any new outfit suggestion is welcomed~

Canada dress up game(if it doesn't work)
Long post is long, sorry "orz
If you have anything helpful to say feel free ;w;b
Tags: =group: all nations, fan: art, fan: comic, fan: videos

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