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Selling: Trading Cards

So, anyone remember the trading cards? XD Well, I've got a junkton I've been meaning to get rid of but never had the time, and since I have so many of them I'm selling them for very cheap.

And by very cheap I mean 2 for a dollar. I am not kidding, I have no use for these.

Here are the cards I have: 


(Before you ask, that glare-tastic one is Poland, but I am not good with camera so he's just a white gleam at the moment. If you're interested but don't know what it looks like I can just scan it or something, just ask.)

Hong Kong: 2
Sealand: 2
HRE: 2
Chibitalia: 1
Rome: 3

Spain: 2
Germany: 1
America: 1
Ukraine: 1
Norway: 2
Belarus: 1
Canada: 1

Denmark: 1
Romano: 3

Greece: 1
France: 1
Russia: 2
Prussia: 1
Austria: 1

Hungary: 1
Lithuania: 1
Estonia: 1
Latvia: 2
Korea: 1
China: 1
Liechtenstein: 2
Finland: 2
Sweden: 2

Poland: 1
Seychelles: 1
Sealand-in-a-box: 3
Turkey: 1
Comic card--Japan doesn't understand Western culture: 2 (This one actually isn't in the picture because I am derp but I have it! XP)
                    Austria plays the piano: 2
                    The Trembling Trio: 1
                   Axis powers make s'mores, Allies summon a devil: 4
Again, these are 2 for $1, 5 for $2, 10 for $4 I do not care which ones you pick.

France and England: 1
Don't steal the signboard: 4
China: 4
Italy and Japan make mochi: 4
Japan: 1
Sealand and Latvia: 4
Axis on the beach: 3
Allies looking sexy: 5
Poland and Lithuania: 1
Sweden and Finland: 3

These particular ones are $1 each, 4 for $3, 8 for $6, or 10 for $7

Unless you order like fifty of them or live outside of the US, shipping will be one dollar. This also covers paypal fees, so you're cool.

I take Paypal or concealed cash (From America, obviously), but cash takes longer because I'll send the cards after I get the money, so whatever you want to do is fine by me.

If you want to use cash, when you mail it, fold a piece of newspaper around the money to conceal it (the classifieds section works really well, just cut a piece out and fold it)

If you are interested, leave a comment or whatever. Feel free to PM me with your address and/or paypal email, or send an email to shashinkagami(at)gmail(dot)com, which is my paypal email, as well. Yes, I have a lame email address. XP Any questions can be left here as well. Hasta la pasta!
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