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Steam-Powered World; a brand new Roleplaying Forum~

Welcome to Steam-Powered World...
It is the end of the 18th century and the beginnings of the 19th are just over the horizon. Steam is the new and improved form of power around the world and with it, technology is booming. Machines are more efficient and can operate on less gas-powered products and instead use the environmentally friendly steam and firepower. Repairs are complicated when needed, but it's also much harder to break them down, making life much easier. Travelers are now able to take to not only the sea, but to the skies, in vast and impressive ships that move across the world faster than ever imagined. Both the pirates and military have taken advantage of the various modes of transport and the world itself seems to be blossoming as businesses and people grow quickly. However, having both the sky and the air, while an advantage, also brings danger to those who stay on the ground. Violent gangs are using the air to their advantage for bomb raids and pillaging  pleasures, and the military can only work so quickly to keep up with them. Lots of canons are open, as this board is brand new, so please, stop by and grab yourself someone awesome and set sail!
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