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[Fic] Founding Fathers

Title: Founding Fathers
Summary: So, a couple days ago, there was a discussion of "who was your fav historical figure" mine are the founding fathers, and upon reading some of the comments, i really realized there was not enough love for those men. So here is my attempt to fix that. I may continue it or leave it as a oneshot..? this was inspired by one of the posts talking about sam adams corrupting alfred. XD i may have gone a bit further than that tho...ehehe...creative lisence.
Rating: PG at most for John's colorful mouth.
Warnings: Um..none. Maybe some over romanticism? IDK. i can't help it. ;A;

"No. No, no, no. No. Samuel, you can't just go tossing random children off of escarpments."

Tags: -america, fan: fic

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