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[Fanfic] What Your Eyes Can't See (Chapt. 1)

Title: What Your Eyes Can't See (Chapter 1)
Characters/Pairing(s): America, England, Canada (among others) (USUK)
Rating/Warnings: T
Summary: Alfred F. Jones lives an ordinary life with his twin, looking for work while looking after the house for their parents. But all that gets chucked out the window when he has to go and be all heroic and rescue the guy who passed out in the rain.
Wordcount: 5896
Chapter Summary:
The voices rang out through the darkness as footsteps dashed through the wet grassland.

[A/N: So here it is! My new fic.
This is going to be quite a lot shorter than my last one, so the chapters might end up being slightly longer just to keep things moving.
This is also going to be more fluffy than What's in a Name was but I'm writing a darker USUK fic at the moment which will fill in any gaps there :P
Enjoy everyone!] 


He was running, but he knew that eventually they would catch up with him. )
Tags: -america, -england, fan: fic

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