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Fic Red String of Fate

Title: Red String of Fate
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China, Korea, SItaly, Spain, America, Russia, Germany, NItaly, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Sweden, Finland, England, France, Sealand, Taiwan, Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria, Liechenstein
Rating: T.
Warnings: None I think
Summary: China has always had the ability to see the red string that tied soulmates together, now he chooses to find his while passing the others who are tied to oneanother. Deanon from the kink meme.

China looked around his fellow nations and smiled softly. He absentmindly pulled slightly at the string entwined on his pinky finger.

The other nations were walking around oblivious to the strings filling the room. As far as China knew he was the only who could see it on everyone.

The closer, physically, the nations were to their soul mates the shorter the string. But it didn’t matter. The string would forever get longer the farther apart the people were and would never wear or break no matter what.

People or nations in this case, would never change their soul mates.

The thicker the string was the closer, emotionally and mentally, the two were. When the two would confess the thread would entwine their entire being and basically ‘wrap the two in their love.’

Chinas eyes went over to where Italy and Germany were standing to one another. Even though they didn’t see it the red string between them was thick and starting to go up their arms. They were close to admitting their feelings to one another.

Others however. His gaze switched to where Russia and America were nearly at each others throats. The string between them was thin and to someone who didn’t know it looked close to breaking but it never would. The string would never break no matter what.

That was why he had refused Russias advances and offers of being together. If China believed in anything it would be that only soul mates should be together. Russia wasn’t his.

He didn’t know who was his.

He held the string in his hand, the red strangely standing out against the pale of his hand. It wasn’t thin. It wasn’t thick. He seemed to be friends with his soul mate but he didn’t know who it was.

He slid his fingers across the length of it and stood up. After all these centuries maybe he should find out.

He walked past Hungary and Prussia, the former was holding a frying pan in her hands and looked close to hitting the latter with it. Both were oblivious to the red string tying them together.

Liechtenstein was talking to Austria while Switzerland looked ready to leave. His right hand hid the string on his left that tied him to Austria.

Japan was talking to Turkey while Greece who was standing next to Japan glared at the Turk. Sometimes China thought that Japan could also see the string at times. That would explain why he was always with Greece who shared, the other side of it.

France was next to England who was cracking his knuckles and looked ready to flinging his fist into the Frenchman’s face. The string on Frances side was thick while the one on Englands side was slightly thin.

Canada was sitting by himself but kept throwing glances at Ukraine who was standing next to Belarus. The string was slightly thin between them but that was because Canada refused to act on his feelings. Due to fear of rejection and Russia.

China smiled and continued to walk past the other nations following his own string with his hand holding it in his palm.

Sweden and Finland were standing next to Sealand. The string between the two Nordics was thick and nearly entwined in their entire bodies.

Lastly he walked past Spain and South Italy with the former yelling at the latter about some random unimportant thing while Spain tried to calm him. Surprisingly the string was thick and around their arms and chests.

China looked around the room of nations once more before deciding the end of his string wasn’t in there.

He walked into a different room. It was empty except for a few nations. Mostly from Asia. Taiwan and North Korea were there. Thailand and Hong Kong were there. Even South Korea was there. It was a surprise to see the two Koreas there and not fighting.

South Korea looked up from his computer that he had been previously typing on to see China was there and looked back to his computer. The southern side of Korea still refused to talk to China ever since the Korean War during the Cold War when China had sided with the Northern side.

South Koreas red string had once been thick but lately it had gotten thinner and fragile.

There was a sudden realization as he looked at South Koreas string. He looked once more at his own. It had gotten shorter since he had walked it and he could easily see where it leaded.

Right to South Korea.
Tags: -america, -austria, -belarus, -canada, -china, -england, -finland, -france, -germany, -greece, -hungary, -italy north (veneziano), -italy south (romano), -japan, -korea south, -liechtenstein, -prussia, -russia, -sealand, -spain, -sweden, -switzerland, -taiwan, -thailand, -turkey, -ukraine, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - romano, x do not use this tag - uk

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