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[Fanart] Omertà: Cosa Nostra Romano

Title: Omertà
Author/Artist: meeee
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Romano
Rating: PG
Warnings: omg a gun
Summary: So, I've been wanting to draw Romano as a Mafia/Cosa Nostra member for a while. Everyone always seems to draw North Italy as Mafia, but the Mafia started in the south (and is pretty much based there) so I wanted to take South Italy and portray this aspect of the south.

A few interesting tidbits about the Mafia: (from the wikipedia page) The term "Mafia" is also employed to name Mafia-type organizations operating under a similar structure, whether Sicilian or not; such as the Camorra, the 'Ndrangheta, the Stidda or the Sacra Corona Unita, as well as foreign organized crime groups. I recommend wiki-ing the subject as it's totally fascinating. Omertà has been around from before the Mafia's time, but it was adapted into the Mafia and is commonly described as the "code of silence". again, wiki-ing it will teach you more ^_^

So, actually on the picture, I really love how it came out. That's EXACTLY how I wanted the pose to be, the look in Romano's eyes, and the smoky background. Totally proud of the pic. The gun he has is a Lupara and is a weapon most commonly connected with the Cosa Nostra group, especially in revenge killings. Which kinda connects with the title. So yes.

(click the preview below to head to the full sized picture on deviant art)

Tags: -italy south (romano), fan: art, x do not use this tag - romano

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