superceilingcat (superceilingcat) wrote in hetalia,

[RPG AD] PlurkxAPH is looking for people for its October themes!


I am Germany, the head-mod of plurkxaph_rpg. We are currently looking for a bunch of new members, including America, Prussia, Norway and France (and others)! For a detailed list of taken characters please go to this post and then please place your applications here. The RPG will be carried out on the microblog-site

What do we do?

Usually we have two themes each month, to make it easier for those who are uncomfortable with theme 1, so they are usually quite different. This month, since it's October and October means Halloween and Halloween means horror stories, our Plurk homes will turn into a mental hospital. Prepare to meet a bunch of crazy nations and try to stay sane or give into the insanity that is spreading around.
Theme 2 will be Soap Operas, that means, do your worst at the most outrageous plot turns; romance and tragedy, happiness and sadness are just one plurk apart.

If you have further questions, read our guidelines, leave a comment here or write me a personal message.
Tags: =group: all nations, ad: roleplay

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