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You can't handle the truth.

Title: You can't handle the truth
Author/Artist: Ceralennox
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, Hints of: USUK, FRUK, RussiaUK
Rating: PG
Warnings: Stereotypes and offensive material to most?
Summary: What everyone thinks England looks like (all moe and uke) and what he REALLY looks like. :)

Don't worry I'm making one for America. And c'mon this is so true. Everyone thinks hes adorable, but he's a grumpy, alcoholic, washed-up has been. And British people have terrible teeth. (I kid the british! <3) England's teeth are still quite foul though. >.>

Plus, he's an alcoholic. There's no way he cannot have a beer belly. Unless he worked out, but we all saw how much of a fail that was. XD

IDK, I don't want to start anything, it's just for fun, but if it pisses people off...well I've never cared before, and I still don't. But it was just done for my amusement. (that and I really dislike England as a character but that's just my personal bias ^_^)
England uses magic to hide what he really looks like.
Tags: -america, -england, -france, -russia, fan: art, x do not use this tag - uk

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