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[Cosplay Vid] Gives You Hell

Song: Gives You Hell
Artist: The All American Rejects
Pairings: RoChu, Panda Burger and USxUK
Rating: T [for implied sex and violence]
Warnings: Some BL, an abusive relationship, Russia being Russia, and some flashes.
Summary: A love triangle featuring: America, China and Russia.

China leaves Russia after being fed up with his abusive tendencies, and finds love in a certain American. Russia; however, is not willing to give up on China so easily, so he is sure to give America hell until he wins China's heart back.

**Unlike our other two uploaded vids this was not done by phish93, and was completely unplanned and last minute, so in short: complete lulz and should not be taken seriously.**

sppandaaa - China
chibiplz - Russia
pheonixcat - America
Aubrey - England

Special thanks for Aubrey for being our last minute (guest star) England, and Allyson who directed, recorded and edited the entire video.
Tags: -america, -china, -russia, fan: cosplay, fan: videos

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