aeld (aeld) wrote in hetalia,

[COMIC] International School of Dance

Title - International school of dance
Genre - Humour/fluff
Characters America/Russia/Spain/Romano [Washington/London/NY]
Ratings - None
Warnings - SPAMANOOO <3 why anyone wouldnt like that couple I have no idea...but well...
Summery: America tries in vain to find a dance class for Washington,
they consider Ballet, Street-dance and Tango, can he be convinced?

Also those two had a little dance later on...

XD couldnt resist. BAD INFLUENCE part 4 will be up very soon for anyone who's waiting

Some info on London in Matthew Bourne's 'Swan Lake' which is a ballet with a drunken prince
with parenting issues falling in love with a male swan XD I studied it at school. its AWESOME

Tags: -america, -russia, -spain, x do not use this tag - romano

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