Shintarou Inuzuka (kenichi_bokushi) wrote in hetalia,
Shintarou Inuzuka

[Sheet music] England's Demon-Summoning Song

It's that time of the year again -- and to get us all in the spirit early, I thought I'd tab out England's Demon Summoning Song. The song currently is only the melody line (with appropriate barrings for the spoken dialogue, which is also included, thanks to the post here, which is also where I found the lyrics), and lyrics are in Japanese and romaji, so it can be sung as well as played on any C instrument (transposed into the correct octave, of course). A transposed version for Bb instruments is also available.

Download: .TIF download Viewable
Bb instrument version: .TIF download Viewable
(Note: .TIF version is 600 DPI/higher quality.)
Tags: -england, anime: music
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