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[FAN ART] America's Attic Doodles + Mini-Comic

Title: America's Attic
Artist: jamminbison
Characters: America, Canada.
Rating: G
Summary: Just some Canada and America doodle and a mini-comic
Warnings: N/A, unless insulting Canadian sports is one, idk.


Ahah, I recently moved from the USA to Canada for school and so I get stupid ideas as I experience Canadian life. Like how the money looks like monopoly money and is fun to look at, like the fascination with Tim Hortons, and how you suddenly can't wait for frozen maple syrup time. Scary.

This is based off a real conversation between myself and a friend who knew what sports were offered in the gym. The urge to call soccer footie or football rose in me, but eh (GET IT, EH? *shot*).

BEFORE ANYONE MENTIONS WHY HOCKEY'S NOT INCLUDED IN THIS COMIC. It's because hockey is a real sport because America plays it, duh. Obviously. ;]

Thanks for looking! Comments appreciated! :D
Tags: -america, -canada, fan: art

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