am3r31 (fangirl_ism) wrote in hetalia,

[Sales] Posters

All posters are in excellent condition, if you have any questions, feel free to comment here or PM me. If you buy all the posters, it's $15.
Thank you for looking ^^~

$4 each


$6 each

                                FRONT                                  BACK

♣ All sales are FINAL
♣ Prices are in US dollars
♣ All prices does NOT include shipping
Total price will be calculated as: ITEM PRICE + Shipping + Paypal fee
♣ I only accept PAYPAL payments. Sorry!
♣ I'm located in the US. So if you live in another country; the shipping would be obviously higher. So please keep that in mind.
♣ If you want me to estimate the shipping cost of your order, please provide me your zipcode when inquiring.
    Keep in mind that it is just an estimate, the actual shipping cost can be higher or lesser.
PLEASE  GET BACK TO ME ASAP WHETHER YOU WILL GET THE ITEM OR NOT. If I don't hear anything from you within 24hrs then I would take it as you're not interested anymore.
♣ I try to reply within 24 hours, so please don't mail me multiple times within 24
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