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You do, But I Don't Part 3/?

Title: You Do, But I Don’t
Characters/Pairings: France/England, America, Canada
Word Count: 2,008
Rating: PG 13 (language and sex references)
Summary:  Alfred finds himself in a tough situation when he finds out that he’s going on a road trip with his dad and soon to be stepdad and stepbrother. It’s a family bonding vacation right before Francis and Arthur get married. Arthur is excited. Matthew is nervous. Alfred is annoyed. But he can’t resist an adventure, and that’s exactly what this little family outing quickly turns into… Even if it’s not exactly the kind he wanted. *An AU story with humor and teenage family drama*    

Part 1:  Part 2:


Part 3:

Well, it wasn’t easy, but we made it. Day 2 of our trip, and we’re finally here at the Grand Canyon. The plan was that we were going to get up early, so we could make the most of our day. And so we could check in to our room as soon as possible. We were supposed to check in last night, so we were already late. But I guess nobody cared enough about the plan to set an alarm because one minute I was sleeping, and the next thing I knew, I was being shaken awake by Dad, who was shouting that it was 11:00, and that we had overslept. So I climbed out of bed, rubbed my eyes, and sleepily stumbled out to the car. I guess everybody else was exhausted from yesterday too because they all looked as bad as I felt. Hey, who says you can’t get jet lag without riding an airplane? My family is living proof that you can. Due to the lack of energy, the car ride was silent, and that was ok with me. Plus, there were no more “detours” or “shortcuts”, thank god for that! And, about 4 hours later, as promised, we arrived at the place we were going to be staying for the next week or so. After Dad pulled into a parking spot, we all climbed out of the car and grabbed our bags out of the trunk. Then we followed Dad inside to the check-in desk, where we were met by a middle aged man with dark hair. 

“Good afternoon,” he said cheerfully. “What can I do for you?”

“Yes, hello. We have a reservation under Kirkland, the three bedroom, two bathroom suite.” 

“Ok, let me just check our records to verify that… Can I see your driver’s license and credit card please?” 

“Sure.” After Dad handed the cards over, the man began rapidly typing stuff into his computer. Soon, his smile faded and progressively turned into a frown. 

“Mmhmm… mmmm… Oh I see what happened.”

“What?! What happened?” asked Dad nervously. 

“You were supposed to check in last night, correct?” 

“Yes, we were, but we had some, uh… car trouble.” I rolled my eyes. Pff car trouble.  

“Well, we have a policy that if the party does not check in by midnight of their designated check in date, their reservation is void, and therefore the room becomes available to anyone.”

“Are you saying that someone took our room?” 

“Well, I wouldn’t say took, but yes. A nice family came in this morning and purchased it for the next two weeks.” Dad’s face turned really red at this point. I thought he was gonna explode. And when Dad loses his temper, bad things happen. Though I really didn’t need to say that, did I? So, figuring that we were about to be kicked out anyway, I went outside to go wait in the car. Hey, if we go home now, I’ll get to watch my Thursday night shows, I thought to myself. Who knows; if things go as bad as I think they will, maybe I can even convince Dad to take a plane home… That would be awesome! But I’m not home- I’m still here, so obviously THAT didn’t happen. 

About 10 minutes later, Dad came outside alone. He did not come to the car; instead, he motioned for me to come back inside. “What’s going on?” I asked. Dad smiled. 

“They found another room for us,” he said, handing me a key. “Francis and Matthew are already upstairs checking it out. Let’s go!” I shrugged and followed Dad into the elevator. At least the room crisis was over… or so I thought. When we came to room 305, the door was wide open. We saw one bed, one pull out couch, and a door that led to a tiny bathroom. And… that was it. 

“THIS is our room?” I asked in disbelief. “Where are we going to sleep?” Dad looked pretty shocked too, but Francis looked strangely calm. 

“You and Matthew will take the couch, and your father and I will share the bed. It’s not ideal, but we can make it work somehow.” He gave this creepy little smile to my dad, and I don’t even want to know what that’s about, but he definitely wasn’t winning me over. 

“No way am I sharing a couch for a week!” I shouted angrily. “I’m gonna go down there and make that jerk give us our room back!” I started towards the door, but Dad laid a firm hand on my shoulder. 

“I know how you must feel, and believe me, I’m pissed too…I’m going to fill out a really nasty comment card before we leave… But there’s nothing we can do about it.” He clenched his fists and took a deep breath before continuing. “This is the only room left, so unless we want to sleep in the van, we have to accept this.” I sighed. 

“Fine…”   It was too late to really do much, so we mainly just lounged around the room for an hour until dinner time, where we ordered pizza from Dominoes. Mmmm…. That was the highlight of my day. Now if only they had a Dominoes, or better yet, a McDonalds, AT the Grand Canyon… I’d be set! Anyway, we have no kitchen in our room, so we all squeezed together on the couch and ate over the coffee table, with paper towels functioning as plates. I gotta admit, I liked that part. When eating pizza, I don’t see the point of using a plate… I’m not gonna set it down; I’m gonna eat it! 

After dinner, Dad made us play a board game together- monopoly. Not that I enjoyed it or anything, I love monopoly but I totally kicked ass! And when everybody else went broke, I waved my stack of hundreds in the air, shouting, “I won!” Dad always says to act gracious when I win something. What that means, I don’t know. 

After monopoly, it was time for everyone to settle down for the night. (Playing Monopoly is like being sucked into a time vortex… It takes hours upon hours to finish, but you don’t even notice till you look at the clock.) This is where the problems of sharing a room arose.  The biggest issue was not having anywhere to change clothes in private. The bathroom was the only place to do that, and since there was only one bathroom, we all had to awkwardly stand around while Francis took his shower. And that man takes REALLY LONG SHOWERS! I would have just gone to bed and slept in my clothes- honestly, I do that all the time. But I had to pee, and there was no way I was going in there while Francis was in there. So I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels while I waited for my turn in the bathroom. (Apparently there’s nothing good to watch, on Monday nights.) I guess I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes, Dad was in the shower, and Francis was walking around with a towel around his waist. I jumped off the couch and went over to bang on the bathroom door. 

“Dad!” I shouted. “Hurry up! I gotta go!” No answer. “Dad!” I tried again. “Hurry up!” 

“He just got in; it may be awhile,” said Francis calmly. “Why don’t you use the restroom in the lobby? Or better yet, use the one by the pool.” 

“There’s a pool at this place?”

“Oui…. Yes. Why don’t you and Matthew go swimming for awhile?” he asked, throwing my swim trunks at me. 

“Uh, I don’t know if Matt really wants to go swimming, but I’ll ask him I guess.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that; he’s already down there. Go, have fun; Arthur and I need to fill out some release forms for our white water rafting trip anyway. We could use the quiet.” 

“Ok, sure. Where is it?” 

“On the main floor, down the hall to the left at the very end.” I nodded and tore down the hallway. I took the stairs, not wanting to wait for the elevator, and though I went the wrong way at first, I eventually found my way to the pool… and of course, the restrooms. Sweet relief! When I came out into the main area, Matt was still dry, sitting on the edge of the pool. So, like the good soon to be step brother I am, I took a running start and did a cannonball into the pool, splashing him with a huge wave of water. He said nothing, but just glared at me. 

“Aww, come on, Matt, don’t be like that,” I said, laughing. “I was just trying to help you get used to the water… It’s so great in here! You should come in! Oh, man, this is so cool!  We get the whole pool to ourselves… there’s not even a lifeguard! I wonder if we’re supposed to be in here… You know what, who cares! This is awesome!” But Matt just shook his head and went to go sit on one of the beach chairs. “You’re no fun, Matt!” I shouted. 

“You do know why he sent us here, don’t you?” he asked me. “Papa was just trying to get rid of us, so they can-“

“Yeah I know, so they can fill out some forms; so what?” Matthew blushed. 

“Uh, yeah, right… fill out… forms….”

“You worry too much. Stick with me, and you’ll have a lot more fun on this vacation.” 

“I don’t want to get wet. Or should I say, more wet.” And he lay down on the chair and turned on his iPod, and that was that. I thought about sneaking up on him and throwing him into the pool, but I decided against it. That might ruin the iPod, and since I don’t have mine, I’m at his mercy for him to share his with me on this trip. 

So after like a half hour, I got bored swimming by myself, and I went back to the room. Matt followed closely behind me. I trudged back to the room, and I turned the door handle. “Fuck!”


“Do you have the key?”

“… No… You were supposed to bring one when you came down to meet me.” 

“Who told you that?” 

“Papa.” Shit I thought. Come to think of it, I think he might have said something about there being a key on the table. Oops. 

“Well… you should know not to trust me with that kind of stuff! I always forget!” 

“I know now,” Matthew mumbled. “So how do we get-“

“DAD! FRANCIS!” I shouted, pounding on the door. “Let us in! We forgot the key!” Nobody answered me, but I heard noises, so I knew they were awake in there. “Hello? Helloooooo?!! Dammit, LET US IN!” But no one answered the door. I shrugged my shoulders. “What do we do now?”

“I don’t know… I guess we’re sleeping in the hallway tonight.” 

“What?! No way! They’re awake in there; I know it! They’re just being la-“

“For God’s sake, they’re having sex, Al!” The air got silent, and we both turned red. 

“But- Oh…” was all I could manage to get out. Matthew cleared his throat. 

“Anyway, we forgot the key, and who knows when they’ll be… done… so we’re going to sleep in the hallway. We have to accept that.” We have to accept that? Those were the exact words that Dad said earlier about the small room… we have to accept that. And let me tell you something; that frustrates the hell out of me, because I don’t like to give up. I curled up on the ground next to the door, where I could still hear bumping sounds. I scowled. I don’t like sleeping out here. I don’t like being ignored. And I DON’T accept ANYTHING I don’t like. Ow, the floor really hurts.           


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