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Hetalia Artbook up for preorder!

So if you were interested in nabbing Hima's artbook (to be released February 28, 2011), but didn't want to go through services just to get them from a Japanese webshop or something, fear not~ As of now, there are two sites you can preorder the book from without having to go through shopping services :D

For those who didn't know, it comes with three extra items:
1) Poster
2) sticker
3) mini character cards

Size: A4/96 pages

Sites that will ship to anywhere in the world:
Hobby Search
Price: 3,800 yen

Price: 3,990 yen
Notes: Preorder is tentative(?) - It just got listed like, today i know this cause i'm a fag that checks this site everyday, so that may change. AmiAmi usually puts discounts on their items too, but I'm not sure if they'll do it for this book as well.

Other sites:
Rakuten - Japan only (link from sealand )
Price: 3,990 yen (includes shipping from shop to where ever your service is)

so I'm really, really, really hoping this is all drawn by Himaruya (or at least, majority is his artwork)... 8D;;
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