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[Official Blog] Portugal, Luxembourg, Indonesia, Malaysia + America and Canada

Update with new countries!

Edit: translated.

Working on the artbook (actually ar-ar-ar-ar-artbook)
I got mails that some of you already pre-ordered, so now I'm trying even harder!
Thank you as always for all your encouragement and interesting ideas!

>> No request but I'm asking for advice, if it's ok. When America looks this→ ([∂]ω[∂])way, it's kind of hard to draw his hair. (When Nantucket points to this side). I would be very thankful if you could draw the partition. Thank you in advance.



>> Are there any countries that get requested more often than the others?

Frequently requested countries and the people I met.

Apart from the countries that already appeared, Portugal is the most requested one. His role in the history of Europe is a remarkable one, so it looks like there will be a lot of opportunities for him to show up.

Translation from maybebaby83 

country that has the most request other than the country that appeared already. has europe's history that stands out so there will be many oppurtunities for portugal to appear

There aren't many chances to meet someone from Luxembourg while in America. The one that I met was a very calm and intelligent lady (himaruya uses Oneesan), so my own image is inspired by that.

There's a lot of requests from Indonesia as well.
Her image gives off a strong character.
Indonesians are cheery, but shy at times, and I think they're good at finding yummy eateries.

Malaysia is probably the most requested character from Southeast Asia.

Many who met him/her would feel that Malaysia's a serious person who is taking it easy. His/her expression reflects a person of strong will, but he/she is a simple, calm and gentle character.

Edit: since there is a lot of confusion regarding this: Himaruya didn't state the gender of any of the new characters, except indirectly Luxembourg since she is modeled after a woman.

>> Please draw Canada!
Canada is my favourite!!!

(I simply love requests like this)


Winter Canada.

"Kumajiro! that me?"
"I don't know him." (or lit. An unknown person)


Finished the translations with the exception of the barbecue for the last picture in the blogpost, please let me know if you find any mistakes. And many thanks to all who helped.

I'm really happy for all of you who finally got their own country in Himaruya style *off to request her own country*
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