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Noob Wanting Help -About FanFics

Just let me know if I'm breaking any rules or something but I thought I'd ask my new community I joined for some assistance. :0

Yah see, I've been inspired quite recently to write some sort of short fanfic (the terms for genres confuse me, too) but have just gotten into Hetalia. I only have the anime series and the first vol of the manga under my belt and I know for sure that doesn't begin to cover everything.

Having sad that much, my experience with fan fics is zero. Although I've written other things before I've never finished a full-fledged story before. Sad I know, but I won't emo about it here. In short, I need some guidance and ideas. I'll try taking some advice that's already been given to me but if all else is too much to handle or not to my abilities I'd like to have another option.

In order to help with forming feedback I've made a to-the-point poll you can access here: . The poll itself expires Dec 4th,tenatively, just to get a certain amount of votes.

Any and all help is appreciated!

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