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Fic Ballare chapter 1

Title: Ballare
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemGermany, S.Italy, EventualS.ItalyxFemGermany
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Romano didn't know when he could no longer hate Germany. Maybe it was when he found the hidden secret that Germany was actually a girl and he was entwined with her secret. And slowly love starts to bloom on the dance floor.

Romano glances at Germany once more attempting to bring as little attention to himself as possible.

He had no idea when this had happened. When he could no longer bring himself to insult Germany to the ground with threats.

Actually he had a pretty good idea when. It was a few months ago. A few months ago when he had stormed to Germanys house in anger and ready to curse the man out to the ground. He had walked up the stairs as quietly as he was able to to Germany’s bedroom where he heard the other man. He had nearly knocked the door down from the force of his kick, mouth at the ready to start his yelling.

Germany had straightened up, he had been undressing, in surprise and looked at him. Before he hid his chest Romano had seen what Germany was hiding. An enlarged chest.

One that Romano only saw in women.

Germany was a woman.

The blood drained from Romano’s face and his insults and anger went with the blood. He couldn’t bring himself to scream like he wanted to at Germany.

They talked about it a few times. He learned that besides himself only Prussia knew the truth about Germany. Not even Feliciano knew.

At least that destroyed the thought that his brother and Germany had been sleeping together.

She had hid it since the beginning in order to be able to do as she wished. To fight and to learn because of the olden times. To have rights that was mainly denied to women.

Romano had to admit that she hid it excellently. Apparently not even France knew the truth with all his claims of ‘Loving the human body the most.’

At first he liked being in on the secret on the inside. He liked knowing something that few people knew, not even his brother knew.


That all changed when he had tried to insult Germany once more. The usual ones of staying away from his brother to simply cursing him out because he was there.

Except she was there.

When he had come to curse her she simply tuned from what she was doing and gave him her attention like she had always done.

When their eyes locked he remembered suddenly when he had accidentally walked in on her changing. The hidden body underneath clothes, leather, and cloth. Her voice that was lowered when she explained it all to him. Soft and somewhat gentle. The small smile she had given him at the end of the conversation.

The promise he had given to never tell a single soul about the truth of her gender.

He hadn’t been able to do it. He couldn’t curse a woman out. He couldn’t insult her. In fact he was close to apologizing for all those times he had insulted her.

Instead he blushed heavily, swallowed the sudden lump in his throat, ran back home

The days and nights when he and Feliciano were in the same house he was subjected to listening to his brother talking about how wonderful Germany was, how he always rescued Italy from England, France, and America. How he was always so patient with Italy, how he was so amazing and how he was this and that.

And each time he sneered and scoffed at his brother. Feliciano thought it was because he hated Germany.

No it was rather the fact that he was laughing on the inside about his brother’s lack of knowledge. He was almost jubilant at knowing something Feliciano didn’t.

And now he could no longer look at Germany the same way. He couldn’t insult. He couldn’t scream. Some times he needed to hold himself back from even flirting with her even!

However he could hold himself back. He could now easily swallow the insults. He could even look at her without blushing.

All that changed however when for the first time he had to go on a mission alone with Germany.
Tags: -germany, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - romano

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