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Christmas Update Log (2:33 PM EST WE ARE MOVING TO ANOTHER POST)

!~*~The Christmas Event ~*~!

*Attention: Himaruya has extended the Christmas Event to an indefinite amount of
time. Please keep watching and getting your updates here-!


Please include all further updates and comments spanning from the beginning to the end of this event here in this post. Edit: PLEASE CONTINUE IN THE SECOND POST!

Also, please do not spam the comment box!! This is a place to update, comment, spazz, and fangirl about the event. NOT SPAM.

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This project was made to keep others from re-posting the same images and information twice and also a compilation post of everything that is happening on Kitayume and Himaruya’s blog for easy access for those who miss out or enter into this event later. If you decide to still post elsewhere, please link back here.

Edit: However, because of the circumstances at hand, like near maxing and Himaruya extending the Christmas event, we are going to start a second post for compilation. Like the first, please keep everything in that one post! Thank you!

~*Also, it's much more fun to reply with everyone, anyway, so, let's keep the joy in one package for all our Hetalia friends across the board!

Enjoy Everyone, and Happy Holidays to All!

Information Below!


Keep your eyes on Himaruya’s website, Kitayume here for updates on images and information: , and his Bamboo Thicket blog here:

For those of you unaware of what this is exactly, please head on down to this post for more information and its instructions on how to proceed in requesting/sending messages to Himaruya. It also includes times and notifications for when this event is.

All right everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holiday with your families and friends! ^o^ Let me just say, thank you Himaruya for making all of our holidays, whether to us, good or bad, simply just even brighter and more exciting than they were before. We are humbly grateful for everything you have ever done for us, and thank you so much for spoiling us so, Himaruya-papa! <333 We will continue to appreciate everything you have done for us, and try to give back the love tenfold!

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Event Updates

Image Bank

Scanlations and Translations


Event Updates

Translation from Madred

From his Blog, news about the event itself-

-The ending time will most likely exceed the original plan of midnight. If you're sleepy please go and get some rest
-2011 changed to 2010 I'm getting ahead of myself
-From here are in is Super Kitayume Time be careful you don't get chased out of Tokyo
-Thanks for all the requests

This may or may not be a reference to the anti-manga-porn laws in Japan, which means, what you are thinking, perhaps. Unless Himaruya is trolling us.

-Updated with Seychelles, and the Germanic family comics and scanlations!

-Extended Christmas time, and we have moved to a new post!

Image Bank

-Nekotalia Allies-
-Mochitalia comics-

- Iceland, Nordics, Turkey, and France-

-China and Hong Kong-
-Belarus smile-
-Belarus normal-
-Nordics surprise-
-Estonia hacker-
-China and Hong Kong strip-
-Hungary in a dress-
-Prussia and Hungary strip-

Scanlations and Translations

Translations go to Maddred, Chinomi, Hikari_Kaitou, iglooinmauihitsuji_no_hibi, hagane_no_mame, kashiwamizu, and other anons

Table of Contents-

Event Scanlations
Mochitalia translations


- Norway
- Iceland and Turkey-


The cute kitties and Finalnd’s Christmas event is now open!
Finland: The event is now on! I’m going to do my best!
Hana: Send your requests via the mail form!

It links to the 'live streeeem':

Finland: Merry Christmas! Hyvää joulua!
We're broadcasting via Heta Streeeem!

Hanatamago: Hello, I'm not-bloody-Hanatamago who is able to speak tonight

Finland: Let's not make such greetings!!

Hanatamago: No, I always think throughout the year that it's a point I need to stress
In any case, hello everybody! Are you enjoying Christmas?

Norway: exactly what are you guys up to

Finland: Ah, yes! We just want to say a simple thank you, to all those who support us, with presents of pictures and stories via live streaming

Hanatamago: It always end up being a weird Christmas though...

Kitty1: Nyaan

Kitty2: Nyaan!!

Finland: So, I hope we'll have a good time today!
I'll do my best to answer as many requests as I can!

Kitty2: Nyaan!!

Hanatamago: What are we going to do about this cat...?

Turkey: GAHAHAHAHA! What are you saying'. I'm a through and through Turk!! Hic!

Finland: He's really drunk...

Puffin: It's been a hassle, he's been giving me a hard time for a while now!
I'd like to give a piece of my mind and teach him a lesson on how to behave

Turkey: Gahahahaha! Don't say that. We're all Turkish kids! Yeah! (T/N: lolol I am really not sure about this because it's drunken speak + slang + accent, I think.)

Finland: He's really drunk...

Puffin: He's been troublesome since he got involved with us just now! I'll like to make him drink the dirt from my claws.

Hanatamago: Please do not get violent while we're broadcasting... Here's the next letter. I'll like to see Bulgaria's military uniform.

Finland: A difficult request has arrived. Please wait while I search.

Finland: It's an old photo so it's not clear. I'm sorry... This is the only photo I have of Bulgaria in his military uniform.

Hanatamago: What on earth is that pose...!?

Finland: Sorry it's so old and blurry... This is the best picture I have of Bulgaria in his military uniform...

Hanatamago: What on earth is with that pose...?!

Cat: Meow~

Norway: Cute.

Finland: Ah, Sweden! I didn't know you were here!

Sweden: ...Hm.

Finland: Would you like to do the Christmas broadcast with me?

Sweden: ...Hm

Finland: That's great. Sweden let's get things swinging!

Hanatamago: Now that Sweden's here can I read the next letter?
"Hello, Finland Santa. I'd like a cute photo of the Allied Kitties!"

Finland: To get a cell phone picture of those wild and free kitties is quite a feat! I'll get down to it and do my best~ I'm on my way...

Sweden: Hey.

Finland: Y,yes! What is it?

-cat pics

Sweden: How are they...

Finland: Wow! Sweden that's amazing! You already took pictures of the kitties! And
they're all cute pics....

Hanatamago: These photos are taken from such a low angle. Imagining Sweden getting down to the cats eye level, it almost seems surreal...

Finland: That you very much Sweden! We were able to answer the request quickly thanks to you!

Sweden: ...'Kay.

Hanatamago: Can we get to the next letter?
"I have exams coming up, could I you ask Greece if he can give me some words of encouragement?"

Finland: I got it! I'll mail him right now! Merimeri...*beep*!


Finland: ...!? I got a reply... the instant I sent it!?

Greece: As long as, you have a tail, it'll all, work out.

Sweden: ...So deep.

Finland: T, that's deep...!?

Finland: And this is the next letter!

Hanatamago: "I would like to see Germany in his casual clothing"

Finland: Germany's house is just right there, so I'll just hop on over!

Sweden: Be careful

Finland: Germany moi! Oh? What's wrong?

Germany: Oh... well it's nothing unusual, but there's something happening right now

Finland: What happened!?

Germany: If you look at it closely it may appear like a heart warming scene, but... they're both of a certain age, so I wished they'd act more appropriately

Finland: It seems like Germany's house is always so lively. Oh, and may I take a picture of you?

Germany: I can't smile the way Italy can

Finland: Thank you very much! It's ok, just be your usual self

Germany: A, alright then...

Finland: Have a merry Christmas Germany!

Finland: I'm back! "It seems like Estonia has some new pets, so could you get a picture of those little guys?"

Iceland: I think I saw those things once... They were creepy.

Finland: C-creepy?

Hana: Ah! Your phone's ringing!

Finland: You're right! Hello?

Estonia: Hey Finland! I'm watching your live broadcast! Perfect timing; I was just hoping for a chance to brag about my pets. I'm sending you a picture.

Finland: Wh-what's that?!

Estonia: I know they're a little strange, but they're such cute little guys.

Hana: I've got a question to relay to Estonia: "Why do you go to sleep wearing your glasses?"

Estonia: Huh?! Did I fall asleep with my glasses on? I meant to take them off, but...

Hana: (I guess he wasn't aware of it...)

Finland: We're gradually chipping away at these. "Sweden san, please tell me some Swedish metal bands."

Sweden: otyg、Månegarm… etc.

Finland: Etc.?! Does that mean you're telling them to research it themselves?! Well, maybe it would be best to research for yourself, but...

Sweden: Mm. (It'll take forever if I tell you all of them) (T/N: Not too sure of the stuff in parenthesis... anyone here good at Tohoku dialect?)

Finland: Let's go on to the next one. "I've heard that Norway san can see fairies, but what does he think of England who also has 'the sight'?"

Norway: Those guys friends are pretty scrawny. Mine are stronger.

Finland: Sounds like they're rivals.

Hana: I want Mr. Troll and England's friends to have a fair fight.

Estonia: I'm getting kind of hungry. Would you all like some tea cake?

Finland: Yuuuuuuuuuck! I don't want that Russia-shaped weirdo!

Hana: I'll take it to go, please...!!

Sweden: It's kind of cute.

Iceland: You've got weird taste, Sweden.

Norway: It's kind of cute.

Iceland: I can't believe you guys.

Puffin: That bastard Nor doesn't even tell me I'm cute... I'll remember this!

Iceland: Since I'm already here and everything, maybe I should take a picture or something...


What's that shadow?

Turkey: Hey! Isn't that what they call a ghost picture?!

Iceland: C-cut it out. I'd like to think that those sorts of things don't come out on Christmas.

Puffin: Did you say a ghost picture?! Is it finally time for me to show you my ghost busting skills?!

Iceland: I never knew you had ghost busting powers.

Puffin: Probably because I don't really have any.

Turkey: Hey, hey! This bird punk's a pretty funny guy, huh?!

Finland: America sent us some cakes.

Norway: They're blue.

Sweden: Very... blue.

Hanatamago: Here, I'll read the next request... "I want to see what China's doing for Christmas"

Hanatamago: It said...

Finland: Okay then, I'm going to take my sleigh to China's house!

Sweden: Mm.

Iceland: You want to take Azathoth with you? [Note: Azathoth- scary Nordic tentacle-god]

Finland: No thanks!

China: Pizza is so yummy! Christmas is all about drunken parties-aru!

HK: But like, we only have guys here

China: Don't worry about such small things! As long as you can see the moon and enjoy a good meal, it's heaven aru!


China: Wheee~ *drunken noise*

Finland: What the...

China: It's a Christmas party! What else? Eat pizza and watch late night shows and have fun aru!

Finland: (How did this happen?!)

HK: Shhhh...

Finland: You're the culprit, Hong Kong?

HK: It's kind of my hobby.

Finland: Well, as long as you guys are having fun, I guess...

Finland: I’m back!

Turkey: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! The fuck’re you sayin’, dumbass?! Obviously I’m the main character today! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Puffin: Someone shut this old guy up!

Finland: I don’t think anyone can do that. It’s a party! A party!

Hana: It might be impossible even if we had a whole bunch of people helping. Well, let’s move on to the next letter. “What’s solitude-loving Prussia up to right now?”

Finland: Ah, I wish I would have asked him when I went to Germany’s house earlier. Well, it’s really close, so it won’t take long to go back.

Estonia: If he’s crying, make sure to comfort him, ok? And don’t say any words to him that sound like “maruku” (round) or “marukyuu” (Japanese grocery store chain) or “Mark”, ok?

Finland: What a troublesome person!

Finland: He's not alone!

Prussia: Yo, that you Finland? Is there something you wanted from me, the emperor of Christmas? You seem pretty busy.

Finland: Oh no, I'm just like everyone else this year. (T/N: Meaning he's not being Santa)

Prussia: If you say so. But I'm Christmas and Christmas is me. When they say Frohe Weihnachten, it's me they're talking about

Finland: What's going on?! I can't help feeling uneasy when you're in such high spirits!

Well, now that I've calmed down and remembered the question, do you have a moment to listen to it?

Prussia: Don't be so shy! I, to whom even sparrows grovel, can answer any question you can throw at me!

Finland: Thank you! I'll read the question, then. It says "I've heard that Prussia hates Russia, but just how much does he hate him?"

Prussia: Almost enough to puke if he lays a single finger on me...

Finland: You hate him that much?! Ohyaaa, sorry! I'll ask a different question!

Prussia: Even if I don't puke, I'll still lose four eyelashes...

Finland: Aaaah, I'm sorry! So sorry!

Prussia: But it's ok now! My little bro is strong so he doesn't freak me out so much anymore.

Finland: He suddenly entered bragging mode!

Sweden: You feelin' ok?

Finland: Well, I'm a little tired, but I've still got plenty of energy left!

Estonia: Thanks for your hard work! Shall I help out, too?

Finland: Wow, thank you! Let's see... Can you take care of reading the letters, then?

Hana: If there's anything you don't understand, you can come and ask me. I've got lots of experience behind me!

Estonia: Leave it to me! I'm pretty confident in my singing and reading-aloud voice.
Now... What do we have here? ... Eh?!

Finland: What's wrong, Estonia?

Estonia: I wonder if it's ok for me to read this...?

Finland: It's fine! This is an event where we grant requests even if they're a little crazy.

"Directive: Get Belarus to smile."


Estonia: Finland! I'll never forget your gallant figure!

Finland: I wonder if I'll live to return home...

Sweden: D-don't put yourself in danger...

Finland: I'll be fine! This is my mission so please let me do it! Here I go!

Finland: Ughh, I'm so nervous... Hi, Belarus-


Finland: Eek!

Belarus: I was watching the broadcast so I know what you want! No way in hell am I going to smile for you!

Finland: Please, just listen to me~!

Belarus: If you accept my brother's greatness and suck on his balls for eternity I might listen. But that's not going to happen this century.

Finland: I'm scaaaared...

Belarus: I am busy examining my brother's mailbox! Now go home!

Finland: Um... OH! Yes! Russia is probably watching this live broadcast, you know!

Belarus: ...!!

Finland: You don't have to smile for me, but would you smile for Russia?

Belarus: ... watching? Brother?

Finland: It's fine if you don't want to... I'm sorry, I'll go back now.

Belarus: WAIT!!

Finland: EEK!

Belarus: I will smile for 0.2 seconds. Edit that and make me look like an angel. Then stretch that to 120 minutes and send it to brother. If you can do it, I will smile.

Finland: ... Th, thank you very much...

Belarus: I'll do it then.

Finland: Wow, I didn't know you can make that kind of expression -


Finland: Ohyaaaaa!!

Belarus: *spit*

Finland: Somebody! Su-saaaan!! Hana-tamago!! HELP!

Hanatamago: ...that was quite the ordeal.

Finland: Yup, I don't want to go through that again...!

Sweden: Next time I'll go with you

Finland: If it's a dangerous mission I'll be happy for the assistance

Hanatamago: It seems better that way. I'm going to read the letter then
"Hello, I like Denmark, but is Denmark taking the day off today?"

Finland: Well, we sent him an invitation and he immediately replied that he'd come, but he still hasn't shown up

Hanatamago: I wonder what happened to him?

Iceland: Can I have.. . a moment?

Finland: Hm, what's wrong Iceland

Iceland: Ah... well.. I saw a black shadow a moment ago...! I think that thing has something to do with it...

Finland: A black shadow?

Iceland: This....!

Puffin: We were saying it was a ghost pic. But it's captured too clearly to be a ghost so maybe it's a cat?

Finland: T,t,t,t,that's it....! Maybe Ta.... Maybe this shadow did something to Denmark...!?


Finland: Ah, yes. Hel...

Russia: Hi Finland! I'm watching Heta Streeeem right now!

Finland: Russia...!?

Russia: Finland looks very good on camera

Finland: T, thank you...

Russia: Also could you lock that 120 minutes film in your heart? If you send it I might have to tie you up a bit, and might do something that might be a little bit painful, okay?

Finland: Obo!!

Sweden: Give it to me... *beep*

Finland: Ah! You hung up...!

Norway: That was probably for the best


Norway: Oh, now it's my phone...

Hanatamago: W, what's happening!? Each and every cell phone and all the audio devices are making sounds...!!

Sweden: ...!

Iceland: What happened...? My phone's acting strange too...!

Russia: You shouldn't hang up Finland. We should talk some more

Finland :Gyaaaaaah!! What's happening!!?

Russia: I've been dong some tweaking as a hobby, so this is a piece of pie for me. So you're going to spend all of today with me...


Estonia: He shouldn't be able to call for a while now...

Finland: E, estonia...? Is it okay... now You seem used to this...

Cat1: Nyabonyaaan!!

Cat2: Nya... Nyaaaaa!!

Russia: Ah, he hung up. I forgot that my rival tweaker Estonia was there...

Russia: What do I have to do for everyone to be friends with me... Every one of my bosses has told me to use force. I've been doing that but I still can't become friends... How strange...

Russia: But from a while ago, China's been a bit friendly to me. That's quite a step forward. Next year maybe I should go visit China.

China: Hong Kong has some good wine aru! Delicious, delicious~!

Hong Kong: ...

China: ... Hong Kong?

(Scanlation provided by rhambling!)

Finland: Well let's get back on track get to the next letter! Go ahead Hanatamago!

Hanatamago: Phew, I was about to turn into a piece of fluff from trembling so much. Well, here we go
"I'd like to see Hungary in a dress!!"

Finland: I sent a text earlier so she should be ready now

Hungary: Thanks for the text Finland! It's a bit embarrassing wearing a dress, but I have a picture I took while wearing one before, so I'll send that.

Hungary: I would have liked to join you but... something came up that I need to attend to... Is the dress picture ok?

Finland: Yes! Thank you Hungary!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Update with Hungary, Prussia, and Seychelles and Germany~!

Estonia: Finland! Can I read next?

Sweden: Aren't y'tired?

Finland: Yes, but it's worth it. Let's keep on going!

Estonia: OK! It says "I want to see a cute pic of Seychelles!"

Finland: Seychelles' house is a bit far, so let's text her.

Seychelles: Hi~ What is it? I just spilt a whole bunch of sugar and now there are ants all over the place. If you were to give a name to this situation what would you name it?

Finland: Run away now and clean up later!

Seychelles: Yeah, I'll do that now. So what is this all about?

Finland: Oh, right. Somebody wants a photo of you for Christmas... is that ok with you?

Seychelles: Come to my house for sightseeing instead of just taking a picture! If you're from Japan you'll be forced to stay for at least a week because of the lack of flights!

Finland: I'd really like to visit sometime.

Seychelles: If it's Christmas are you eating Christmas dinner right now? I'm so jealous I can wrap myself in palm tree.

Finland: It's just cheap ham and cake... It's nothing that unusual.

Seychelles: I'll send you a photo of myself so please send me that food!

Finland: Sure, if you don't mind my cooking...

Hungary: *annoyed sound*

Prussia: *sneering sound*

Hungary: Fashion in 2011 is the Greater German Principle! You’re ridiculously late!

Prussia: Shut up! Time doesn’t affect a guy like me!

Germany: You two!

Prussia: I’m in charge of cutting the stollen so it’s fine!

Hungary: Can it be my job to beat this guy beyond recognition…?

Prussia: From here to here is my territory!

Hungary: You better run while my left hand can control my right!

Event Scanlations

By blulious-

Mochitalia Scanlations

By xue and amberbewildered


Let’s make this a super amazing event everyone! Hetalia Banzai! :D


: I will NOT be updating after the 28th. Last year, Himaruya extended the Christmas Event to the 7th (Russian Christmas), but that extension was only a couple blog posts that came at sporadic times, which I didn't have the time to pour over because the next semester started for me. So, unless it's a huge load of aftermath images, I will not update the LJ comm with it in one post like I did before.


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  • November 2016 News Roundup

    Per last month's post, this is a roundup of Hetalia news and events from the past month. Sorry for the massive delay in this post. Life hit me…

  • October 2016 News Roundup

    Hey everyone. So considering the slowdown of activity here and elsewhere, I thought it might be a good idea to make a big summary post - in the…

  • Hetalia World Star Updates! Currently at Chapter 80

    Current updates on Hetalia World Stars (as well as some blog entries, if available) Last Update: July 3rd, 2015 Chapter 55 - Rome and Persia…