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Extra Long Christmas Event Log (Opening post!)

!~*~The Extra Long Christmas Event~*~!

Because this event is stretching out largely in its scope, here are the other parts of the event:



Christmas Event 1-
Christmas Event 2-
Christmas Event 3-


Please include all further updates and comments spanning from the remainder to the end of this event here in this continuation post. This is an extension of the the 3rd Christmas Event-

NO OLD POSTS INCLUDED, except a few recently updated because of really long page, however, the last thread will also no longer be updated. Please continue looking here. For old posts, look at the above link.

Scanlations of the entire event are included, though, as well as images!

Also, please do not spam the comment box!! This is a place to update, comment, spazz, and fangirl about the event. NOT SPAM.

To spam, please head on down Captalia:

This project is an extension of the last one, which was made to keep others from re-posting the same images and information over and over again, and also a compilation post of everything that is happening on Kitayume and Himaruya’s blog for easy access for those who miss out or enter into this event later. If you decide to still post elsewhere, please link back here.

Like the last one, PLEASE keep everything in this fourth thread. We have to move, but the project's goal remains the same: Provide updates and  a place for people to talk about the event and for those who miss out. Thank you for understanding!

Enjoy Everyone, and Happy Holidays to All!

Information Below!






Keep your eyes on Himaruya’s website, Kitayume here for updates on images and information: , and his Bamboo Thicket blog here:

For those of you unaware of what this is exactly, please head on down to this post for more information and its instructions on how to proceed in requesting/sending messages to Himaruya. It also includes times and notifications for when this event is. Time has extended to the 12/31!

All right everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holiday with your families and friends! ^o^ Let me just say, thank you Himaruya for making all of our holidays, whether to us, good or bad, simply just even brighter and more exciting than they were before. We are humbly grateful for everything you have ever done for us, and thank you so much for spoiling us so, Himaruya-papa! <333 We will continue to appreciate everything you have done for us, and try to give back the love tenfold!

Here is a provided table of contents. If you do not have time to scroll through this whole post, simply use Find (Ctrl+F) at the bottom of your web browser’s taskbar and copy and paste the titles into it.

Large images will only be shown for the most recent posts!

Event Updates

Image Bank

Scanlations and Translations


Event Updates

Back at 6:00 AM EST!

Image Bank

-Nekotalia Allies-
-Mochitalia comics-

- Iceland, Nordics, Turkey, and France-

-China and Hong Kong-
-Belarus smile-
-Belarus normal-
-Nordics surprise-
-Estonia hacker-
-China and Hong Kong strip-
-Hungary in a dress-
-Prussia and Hungary strip-
-Spotted France-
-Spotted France 2-
-America and Santa-
-America's cake-
-America watching a family-
-Latvia smiling-
-Latvia trips-
-Latvia getting up-
-Latvia ominous comic-
-Spain and Netherlands!Christmas tree-
-Spain and Netherlands ominous comic-
-Spain and Netherlands ominous comic 2-
-Spain and Netherlands ominous comic 3-
-Poland and Lithuania ominous strip 1-
-Poland and Lithuania ominous strip 2-
-Nordic gang-
-Iceland and Turkey-
-Iceland and Turkey 2-
-Iceland and Turkey 3-
-Iceland and Turkey 4-
-Russia image 1-
-Russia image 2-
-Russia comic-
-Russia chibi-
-Canada Vancouver 1-
-Canada Vancouver 2-
-Canada in a suit-
-Canada and a banana boat-
-Austria comic-
-China and Hong Kong comic-
-China and Hong Kong maid-
-China in a Chinese girl's outfit-
-Hong Kong strips-
-Hong Kong apron-
-China with pigtails-
-Mysterious man with China and Hong Kong-
-Sealand and England-
-Sealand in room-
-Sealand and present-
-Sealand comic-
-Prussia comic-
-Prussia comic 2-
-Prussia comic 3-
-Nordic comic-
-Nordic image 1-
-Nordic image 2-
-Nordic image 3-
-Nordic image 4-

Event Updates

This update area needs to be revamped because it is becoming increasingly 
too long for Livejournal to handle. More updates about this will continue on the 30th. For now it is halted indefinitely.

Right now, please head on down to the Hetalia Archives for updated information:

Event Scanlations

By blulious-

Mochitalia Scanlations

By xue and amberbewildered


Let’s make this a super amazing event everyone! Hetalia Banzai! :D


Note: It's already the 29th as of writing this, and like it says before, I will not be able to watch you all 24/7 any longer because I have tasks to do on my own, however, I do frequent the Hetalia community often, so, I will be checking back on this post often enough so that it's not completely free reign. I will also update things leisurely and you may need to talk to your peers for the latest updates.


In light of recent events, rules have been implemented:

My Post:

And by Mod!Post which I can't find: Basically, don't wish harm on the creator in anyway.

Rules are as follows:

Do not talk trash about Himaruya Hidekaz.
Do not spam the posts with unrelated material.
Do not mention the word RAPE in any fashion. Or anything else that could provoke controversial discussion and sentiments.
Do not over abuse event related memes.
Do not start discussions on characters you do not like; re: bashing

These posts get instant deletion without warning.

*****This however is not to discourage discussion. I don't want you to feel intimidated in sharing your thoughts in the slightest, but for the community as a whole, these rules were made. If you still wish for more freedom in your posts, head down to Captalia:


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