Aria (aria_dc_al_fine) wrote in hetalia,

[Fanfiction] A Garden of Decaying Flowers

Title: A Garden of Decaying Flowers
Chapter 2: Romance of Two Generations
Part 2.3: The Wheel of Life

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairings (in this vignette): FrancexVarious, (in the whole story): AmericaxEngland (main), AmericaxVarious, CanadaxUkraine. 
Warning: AU, deviations from canon characterisation

Summary: Whereby a young boy entered the Castle long, long ago, rose and fell in power, gave away his heart to two men, and waited for death in that Castle.

Link: “Want to do something for this doomed Empire, huh? Young Kirkland?” The ruler snarled and bared his teeth. “Not so young anymore, eh?” He leered as his eyes took in Arthur’s body. He felt like those eyes were violating him. 

Tags: -england, -france, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - uk

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