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[linking] Queensland Floods Fanwork Auction

Much like previous fandom auctions for charity (such as help_haiti) one has been started to help out the flooding in Australia.

* qldfloodauction is a multi-fandom based fundraiser in which people offer fanworks, crafts, goodies, graphics and anything else they can in exchange for a donation being made to a charity supporting the flood vicitims.

-- This is the MAIN AUCTION. Bidding on these threads close on January 26th.
-- This is the Lightning Round. Bidding on these is a 'Buy It Now' style auction, where once you've paid, you've won it.

* waltzmatildah 's Fic Fundraiser Challenge. Is just a Fic-centric auction. Most auctions here are based on a $1AUD = 100 words of fic premise. It closes January 23rd.

Please bid or offer your talents if you can. Remember that every little bit helps!

This is just the Hetalia offers in the MAIN AUCTION. I have yet to see if there are any in the other auctions. Remember to check them out as many others say "any fandom" for their auctions!

If you guys have existing threads in any of the above and you want them pimped out, just drop me the link in the comments below and I'll add them to this post.
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