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FANART - USA & UK Mochis

Name: USA & UK Mochi plushies
Artist: Me (Ubermidget)
Characters: USA and UK
Warnings: None, for everybody

Summary: I just finished these guys today, after seeing the Mochi pets comic Himaruya-san made.  Sorry if it takes too long to load, this journal entry is a little image heavy.  The following cuddly mochis will be joining me at London Anime Con on 6th February, I'll sell them there if people are willing to buy them from me.

Inspired after reading the Mochi pets comics, I thought it was so cute, I just had to make it. I started this plush of Hetalia's America as a Mochi months ago, but after a commission and 2 illness episodes it's only been completed today! Actually, it needs it's own American flag miniature made, and THEN it will be finished.  Mochi made from white muslin, polyester stuffing, fabric adhesive paper and felt.

It's the same story with the UK mochi, he also was completed today. I've put his top hat on back-to-front to show off the Union Jack flag bow-tie I added to the hat.

(I didn't make the hat, it was from a fascinator I bought cheaply from ebay. I then modified it with a red ribbon, Union Jack ribboned bow- tie that I glued together and a Crown Jewels glitter sticker from "Accessorize UK". There are also 2 glitter stickers of "Big Ben" under the rim of the hat too. The little flag the mochi is holding is from Build-a-bear Workshop.)

Couldn't resist taking some pictures of the pair together:

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