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One Coin Figures Extras~

Hello ^.^

So I went a little crazy trying to get the complete collection, for certain reasons (WHY animate did you have the last two boxes open?!?) I have extras some of the characters. I would love to trade with any of the one coins from the first figure collection.
Spain (1) on hold

I am headed to the big animate store on the island to hunt down my copy of Sweden. Chances are I will be getting extras. If I can, I will just buy a box because as you can see my luck is terrible>.> with the random boxes.

They are all in their plastic packages, however the boxes got a little, erm, torn during the opening. If you want them I will include them when it is shipped to you. >.>I swear they wrapped those boxes in plastic.

So anyhow I can trade but if you are interested in buying I will sell them for 13 each and you pay shipping. If you want more than one we can definitely talk discounts ^.^ From a pet-free, smoke-free home.

So yeah, thanks for swinging by, feel free to message or comment.
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