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Kein Ausgang/No Exit RP

A Literate RP (English Language)

Kein Ausgang

It's 1942, the war is raging. In northern Germany, far from any large town, lies a Stalag camp, one of the smaller ones, with only three blocks for Prisoners and a handful of guards - the bare minimum. Most of the soldiers, of course, are needed to fight for the great German cause. Guards often come and go; it's a place to stay and train, to understand the enemy before they go fight, though some have stayed for years, for one reason or another.

The prisoners, though mostly European or American, sometimes come from other walks of life. Mostly, the days are spent stuck in the camp, or trying to escape, or working around the camp or village.

For better or for worse, they are all trapped together until the Reich rises or falls... they pray for the latter

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