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ヘタリアと愉快の仲間たち- Community for "Axis Powers: HETALIA"
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Hey everyone, these are the mods of the comm, and welcome to the Hetalia LJ Community!

This is a community dedicated to Axis Powers: HETALIA, the online-blog manga-turned published manga by Himaruya Hidekaz.

Active mods of the community:
If there are problems, please contact us!

Please read the rules before posting. Any post that violates these rules will be deleted. If there is a question about whether or not something is allowed, PM one of the mods and we will get back to you (please make sure you have PMs turned on or we can't mesage you back).

1) Play nice. This should really go without saying. When correcting someone on a mistake such as confusing characters or messing up their history, don't be a jerk about it. And because Hetalia can either cause for a lot of fun or a lot of WANK, we ask you to please not take things too seriously.

2) No spam. Which means no introduction posts, talking about random things that reminded you of Hetalia, polls/posts about what to draw or write, or random notices about it being a nation's birthday. This is a comm for posting fanworks, news, doujin, anime, and having discussions- not your personal LJ. Please direct your requests for one-on-one roleplays to this community.

Posts need to contain a substantial amount of relation to Hetalia characters. Remember: you're in HETALIA. Not social studies.

Reminder posts are limited to once a week. Any reminder posts made within a week's time will be deleted. Along the same lines, please keep your posts consolidated to one per day, if possible. If not, please avoid making multiple entries to the community in one go. Please allow for others to post to space things out.

3) Posting Etiquette. Labeling is required for posts concerning fanworks. This is to make things more organized. This information is never put under a cut. Here is a template:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):

- Please do not forget to tag your entries.
- DRAWINGS, FANFICS, PHOTOS, VIDEOS, AND LONG POSTS GO BEHIND A CUT! Only ONE 300x300 preview image is allowed. IF POSTING ICONS you may post a few as a preview image.
- FAQ post on creating LJ-CUTS
- MATURE CONTENT must be members-only locked and mature preview images are not allowed.
- This is the criteria the mods will be using to judge a mature post.
- Concerning fanart icons: Read these two posts.

4) Original Characters. Nations that have not yet appeared in Hetalia are not allowed in hetalia. Please delete your post and move it to nationslash.

5) Scanlation Claims. Go here to claim strips to scanlate. Follow the rules on this page!

6) Posts containing downloads for the anime, character CDs, and doujins MUST be members-only locked! No online doujinshi are allowed without the artist's consent. (Disclaimer: The RIAA allows 24 hours for previewing purposes on downloaded music, after which, the file is to be deleted. No responsibility from my side for your actions after this period is finished.)

And, last of all, LET'S HAVE FUN!

Hetalia Related Links!

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Hetalia Archives- More information about Hetalia than you ever wanted to know!

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